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How can I contact a girl on Live Chat?
Click on The Girls to see who you fancy getting dirty with. Click on My Profile to see more about her and listen to a short audio introduction. Make a note of her Pin No, if this is the one you want to contact directly. The number to call is at the top right hand corner on her page. You will also be able to read more about her likes and dislikes, questions and answers, her stuff and make a comment. 
What if the girl I want is not available when I call?
When calling, have to hand her 6 digit pin number that can be found on her profile. By entering this number, she will receive an alert that you are trying to contact her, and if possible she will make herself available ASAP. You will be offered the opportunity to chat with one of her friends in the meantime.   
Can I book a call?
Yes. You will note on some of the girl’s profile pages there is an option to book a call in advance with a listing of the times and dates she is available. Simply choose a time that suits you and you will receive confirmation of your booked slot.
No subscriptions and no sign up fee?
You don’t have to register with us in any way, just join in the fun.
Can I call without it appearing on my phone bill?
Yes, if you pay by Credit Card, the calls will not show up on your phone bill and will simply appear on your CC statement as Charge2.  We understand men and know they need that extra filth factor in their lives!
Can I chat to a girl for free? 
Yes you can! You can listen in to their dirty confessions and have a free minute of chat with any of the girls that are available. See the Phone Speed Dating Page for more details
Can I just listen in and not chat?
Yes of course, you can listen in to our huge selection of filthy stories. See the Recorded page for more details
I have a particular fetish, is this ok to talk about? 
We positively encourage fetishes of all kinds, be it cross dressing, leather, rubber, spanking, domination or submission and many more. We chat about anything that is legal.
I am 17 years of age or younger, can I chat?
No sorry, this is strictly for 18+. You are welcome to come back when you are 18. We have a zero policy on anyone under the age of 18 and we take this very seriously.
I would like to advertise my product on your site, is that possible?
All business enquiries will be dealt with swiftly as possible, simply fill in your details on our Contact Page. We have an affiliation system coming some you may be interested in
If you need any help with our service please see our Contact Page 

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