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Sweeten the deal

Many jobs are stressy! My job selling ad space for a newspaper was particulalrly so, things were bad…I’d been told by my boss that I had to get some business in or I’d be fired. Fuck! The pressure was on!
I walked to my last appointment of the day knowing I just had to perform! I had tried the ‘flirty’ route in the past …as I’m always a horny little fucker anyway…which had sometimes helped…I’d never fucked a client before hmmm…two challenges then…
The guy  I met at the shop knocked me back…he said it was too expensive and there was no deal.  There was nothing he could do…I could do something  and had too …he offered me coffee and this was my chance…if nothing else I’d hopefully get a good fucking as he was pretty hot!
As I drank the coffee, I removed  my shoes and began in turn rubbing them up and down the front of the counter…Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! You ok? No, my feet hurt, I’m going to be fired tonight and you were the last hope of me keeping my job…I contined the foot rubbing, my skirt riding up to expose my stockings and panties…really wished we’d reached a deal…Fucking hell!! You could be a models with legs like that!  Yes! He’d bitten! He liked what he saw…fuck professionalism now…leg man eh!? Have a feel of them, do what you like…I don’t care any more as I’m now officially jobless…he sat me down and massaged my aching feet then went to work on my legs…his hands moved higher, he began to kiss every inch of my soft limbs…, fuck my cunt was  wet…very quickly his thumb was under my panties and rubbing my clit..naughty boy…you’re drenched baby…he removed my panties and started finger fucking me one, then two then three fingers…christ he knew what to do…go for a fourth you dirty fucker….faster, make me fucking come…gone on…I want those fingers sopping with my pussy juices…dirty bastard! All the while my hand was up his shorts, he had gone commando as it was a hot day… access what a fucking treat!  He was rock hard…you’re pre cum will be staining those nice shorts…think you better put that somewhere…fuck he was going to explode!!  
He bent me over the counter, pounding my gaping pussy…I fingered my swollen clit…I climaxed again…he moved that huge meat to the tighter recesses of my arse…oh fuck…I don’t believe this is happening…multiple orgasms …slam it baby…go on!!  His cock was pulsating, he was close, I turned so he could feed me all that thick, creamy cum…fast then slow…fast then slow…he was so near…oooh shit!!...I swallowed every last drop and licked his shaft…he still throbbed ….he could go again…oh fucking yes…jesus!  More creamy come diving down my throat…you fucking stud!!
Heh heh…I got the business and, of course repeat business x

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