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Michelle Thorne Fantasy

I had no idea until today that Cindy is a good friend of Michelle Thorne and here is me having fantasies about her all the time .  Not only that, but it likely that Michelle will come and join us at LiveChat..when she’s not in the gym!  So I should be a bit embarrassed about my filthy thoughts about her now, but I’m not.. god would I love to spend a night with her!

She is so petite and beautiful and that accent is amazing. But most of all I’d really love to suck on her huge tits and perfect nipples and give her the best orgasm she has ever had. I can only imagine how wet and juicy her perfectly formed pussy is, I could stroke and  lick her for hours.  

So Michelle if you are reading this, come and play quick ..I have a  huge horn on just even thinking about it.     You are my fantasy fuck, if only it could come true, maybe one day??

Lucy xxx 

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