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Just another day at work

My name is Jazmin and sometimes I work as an Online Shopper for a superstore, today I started at 2am.

I was working alongside this hot new guy who started work a week ago called Darren.  I saw him watching me since day one which turned me on so I started teasing him by wearing my skirt a little shorter with stocking and suspenders and undoing an extra button.  When having to bend over to get an item I would hitch up my skirt a little more and from the back you can see the top on my stocking clad legs! and bending forwards you could see my tits in my lacy bra hanging down!

But today it went further MUCH further!!

Whenever he could he would brush past me making sure he touched me somewhere; first it was my arm, then shoulder, then my back, then when he got to my hips he put both hands there and stroked my bum with his trouser clad cock and I felt it growing hard as he lingered for about half a minute.  By this time we had our break so instead of going to the canteen I told him to follow me and I took him into the customers changing rooms as the store was still closed to the public.

I locked the door and went over to him, I got down onto my knees and rubbed his bulging trousers with my mouth while unzipping him and pulled his hardening cock out. Iit stood huge hard and proud and with my tongue I licked it all over,  grazing my teeth gently across his bellend then sucking  it right into my mouth taking as much as I could, then I relaxed my throat and took him in another inch; it went right down my throat!

I sucked him off for about five minutes then stood up and shoved my tongue into his mouth while I grabbed his hand and placed it on my tit, kneading it, squeezing it, he stopped kissing me and bent his head and grazed my nipple through my bra with his teeth, they went harder even more... then he pulled one out and put his mouth over my nipple and sucked it right in while his right hand went down to the hem of my skirt and lifted it up with his thumb gliding up my inner thighs to the top of my stocking were he found flesh. Still going up, he reached my panties. Feeling the dampness coming through, he pulled them aside and dipped a finger inside. I moaned, it felt wonderful, but I wanted more.. more inside me so I grabbed his throbbing hard cock in my tiny fist and pumped it a couple of times till he removed his mouth from my titties and turned me around. He bent me over so I had to hold onto the bar and with my tits hanging down over my lacy bra he spread my legs wider, positioned himself and closed his eyes as he slowly sunk his hard throbbing cock in me, spreading and stretching my pussy as he went in!

Yes this is the " more" that I wanted feeling the building friction as he started to move faster. The whole time I’m watching us in the mirrors; how his arse clenched when pounding into me as did his face as I was so very wet but also very tight!  I knew he was close to coming so I told him to open his eyes and watch us fucking.
He looked into my eyes, looked at my lips then my bouncing titties to my arse and his cock punishing my little tight pussy to that he pumped one last time right deep into my dark tight wet pussy and I felt it shoot out into me!
He slowly took his spent cock out of my pussy so I stood up turned around got to my knees and tasted my pussy juices and his spunk on his cock licking him clean I then stood up and stuck my tongue into his mouth so he could taste us.

I looked at my watch to find our break was over so we tidied ourselves up and went back to work. For the rest of my shift my knickers and I where dripping wet and I still hadn't come.

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