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All our babes are genuine and although they are indeed very glamorous, they chat to you from their own homes and don’t appear on TV or in a call centre. You will find many of the girls are friends with each other, so it can get very frisky on a girls night in! 

You can also find their personal diaries, interviews and other stuff on their profile pages including many sex secrets!

Also for when you just want to listen in, we have thousands of hot filthy stories to listen to.

Not only that we offer Free Sex Chat, yes really!  Check out our Phone Speed Dating page for details how to impress the girls with one minute of totally free chat.

Dating sites are all very well, but do you really want to risk signing up and going through all that registration process?  Do you actually even want to meet in person or just have some safe sexy fun at any time of the day...and I mean ANY time of the day? 

Nobody need ever know who you are calling with our discreet billing; your fantasies are safe with us!

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