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Listen to my Sexy Voice:

Hey you... I'm Tracee. I'm 5'7" with perky DDD breasts, a voluptuous round ass, and a hot wet pussy that's always ready for a good time! ;-) I have nice long hair and smooth tan skin. I love having a good time and I'm ALWAYS ready for a new adventure with guys AND girls. You wanna cum have fun with me??? I promise you won't regret it...let's chat! I'm waiting for YOU!!!!

Tracee's Expertises are: Fetish, Domination, Bi Sexual

Questions and Answers...

Have you ever masturbated?

Yes I have masturbated many times. I especially love it when I'm on a call. Let's cum together. 

What’s your bra size?

34dd. Nice pink nipples waiting to be nibbled on.

Have you ever gotten sexual with anything that wasn’t a person and what?

I was sexual with a cucumber once. It felt great. Hard and long going in and out. Just how I like it.

Would you ever have lesbian or gay sex?

Lesbian sex is hot. I would definitely have sex with the opposite sex. I would love to watch as well.

Would you use objects in sex such as whips, hand cuffs, etc.?

I love using whips and handcuffs. Bring it on. Turn me into your sex slave.

If someone says “spank me” do you do it and get turned on?

I love when some one ask me to spank them. Yes please. Makes me horny every time.

Have you ever used a vibrator on yourself or somebody else?

I use a vibrator a lot. While I'm on my own or during sex. I especially love using it while on a call. I get so hot and wet I need to satisfy my needs.

Would you ever have sex in the ocean?

I have had sex in the ocean while people were close by. The excitement of getting caught was a fantasy of mine.

Have you ever run or walked around your house nude?

I loved being naked. Wish I could live like that all the time. Bare skin is so sexual.

Have you ever fingered yourself, got fingered before or fingered someone else?

I finger myself whenever I can. If someone isn't here to do it I might as well. It's really hot doing it while I'm on a call. Gets me so turned on

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