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Listen to my Sexy Voice:

Hello there, my name is Summer, and it’s very nice to meet you. I’m a hot and sexy milf with a very naughty mind. For some reason guys are sometimes shocked to find out just how nasty and naughty I can be. I am the type that seems like a good girl until you get me into the bedroom. I love dressing like a slut, and feeling a man’s hard cock rubbing and grinding against me. I am naturally submissive, and love for a man to take charge and tell me what to do. I also enjoy role-playing, and I want to do whatever turns you on. I am a good lil cock sucker and I love butt fucking. Fingering my tight lil ass drives me nuts. Call me for the best phone sex of your life, it’s a huge turn- on for me to know that I got you off like you deserve

Summer's Expertises are: Role Play, Cocksucking, Spanking

Questions and Answers...

Have you ever masturbated?

I’ve done it countless occasions. I absolutely love it... especially when somebody walks into the bathroom while I’m in there... I’m typically quiet when I need to be, but its pretty difficult to not make any noise at all. I love my pussy.

Where was your first time?

In a hotel room, with a tourist from China!

What do you think the sexiest fruit is?

Pomegranate, traditionally speaking, In Greek literature, it’s always the fruit of temptation and sensuality.

If you could be a spice what would it be?

I would be cinnamon because it’s so versatile and it complements so many sweets and baked goods, but tastes good in savoury dishes like soups and roasted vegetables too.

If someone says “spank me” do you do it and get turned on?

I get super turned on... I like to be the one that gets the spanking, but its also fun to be the spanker. Anyone want a spanking. ;)

What superstar would you have sex with?

Wentworth Miller! He was so sexy in the Show Prison Break, and a man with brains is a big turn on for me.

What is your favourite thing to get a guy get hard?

I love to give a mind blowing blow job.

How many people would you have sex with at once?

Since I am an open minded woman and gang bangs is something that I have experienced. The sky is the limit here. There is plenty of me to go around.

Have you ever seen any of your friends naked?

I have indeed, I have shaved one of my girlfriends cunt before, even licked it afterwards, but that is another story.

What’s your kinky fetish?

Fucking in a club. Wear a mini so he can slip it in. Talk about the adrenaline rush, whoa!!!

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Do you go dogging, wanna meet u!


I want your mouth around my balls ..again