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Listen to my Sexy Voice:

Hi my name is Jazmin. I have long blonde hair and blue eyes and lovely long legs and perfect breasts. I have often been told I look like Barbie doll. I’d love to explore your fantasies, I’m sensual, tactile and enjoy exploring a range of pleasurable activities so if you would like to explore some of these with me or just have a friendly chat I’m right here so take care and I will talk to you soon….

Jazmin's Expertises are: Role Play, Fetish, Crossdressing

Questions and Answers...

Have you ever masturbated?

I often masterbate especially whilst talking to people on the phone . I just can't help myself

What’s your bra size?

I am blessed with large 34ff breasts which are just perfect for a tit wank. And I have very sensitive  nipples.

How many people would you have sex with at once?

I have indulged in a few threesome's and found it to be a very horny experience

Have you ever gotten sexual with anything that wasn’t a person and what?

I love playing with my toys and vibrators and have acquired quite a large collection and I would be happy to let you listen as I play with them.

Would you suck on anyone’s toes?

I love sucking toes in fact there are so many sensitive area's on the human body. I just love to explore every inch of someone with my tongue

Have you ever had a multiple orgasm?

I am very lucky that I can have multiple orgasms and often squirt with pleasure

Would you ever have lesbian or gay sex?

I have had several sexual encounters with other women and have found it to be most pleasurable and sensual

What and who turns you on?

I love role play and dressing up and using props such as hand cuffs and blindfolds, l even have a strap on and am not afraid to use it...lol

What’s your kinky fetish?

My kinky fetish would be to be tied up and spanked.

What was the weirdest place you have ever done something with?

but my greatest fantasy would be to have sex with a stranger on a pool table or over a car bonnet

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Marry Me!!!


F*ck me....good and hard


Jaz, Jaz..cannot get enough of you XoX0

Charles smith

Totally hot. New exactly how to make me cum and was fantastic at roleplay. Really sexy lady