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Dr Feelgood

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Hi, I’m Dr. Feelgood, and I’m a very sexy, passionate, randy women, whose tight wet pussy is waiting to turn you on. As I slowly masturbate, turning myself on, I shall suck your throbbing very stiff cock, and feel your hot cum shoot all over my large luscious breasts.I want to hear all your dirty thoughts as I feel you get stiff again. I shall beg you for more, and more, and more. Call me, I need you, desperately

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Questions and Answers...

Have you ever masturbated?

Masturbation is a healthy way to keep your blood flowing both in male and females and should be encouraged at any hour of the day!

Would you ever have lesbian or gay sex?

Oh yes indeed, variety is the spice of life. Think of it as being creative rather than greedy to have both!

Would you use objects in sex such as whips, hand cuffs, etc.?

I have a special bag full of intriguing sexual objects, call me to find out exactly what hidden secrets are in there!

Have you ever had a multiple orgasm?

My name says it all, I can make myself and you feel amazing with orgasm after orgasm

How many people would you have sex with at once?

Of course in my sex clinic sessions there are many opportunities for group harmony including exploring each others bodies and intimate regions

Have you ever run or walked around your house nude?

All the time darlings! Nudity is very natural to me, I adore my own body and I don't mind answering the door to the postman totally naked.

If you could be a spice what would it be?

Mixed spice as anything and everything is a new adventure for me to taste and enjoy

What is your favourite thing to get a guy get hard?

My heavy tits are pretty spectacular and I love giving tight tit jobs till you spunk all over me.

Where do you think would be the weirdest place to have sex?

Marks & Spencer's Food Hall. Wanking fresh mango into your stiff cock and sucking it off.

What’s your greatest fantasy?

That is so filthy, so you will really have to call me and ask, it is too dirty to even mention on here!

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Joe SP55

Oh Doctor, You can check my balls anytime!


This lady really has experience and is a spunk magician


I seriously didn’t think I could get it up again..and then...Dr Feelgood!