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Your fantasies are amazing and I want to hear more and more of them, the filthier the better (as long as it is legal). I love stockings and the highest of heels and cross dressers are very welcome to come and have a chat. All my love Cindy xx

Cindy's Expertises are: Role Play, Fetish, Bi Sexual

Questions and Answers...

Where was your first time?

In a blacked out club in London, against a wall, want to know more?

What’s your greatest fantasy?

To have a row of 16 men in front of me naked and see who gets the hardest.

Where do you think would be the weirdest place to have sex?

On a mountain in Peru

Would you ever have lesbian or gay sex?

Oh yes, I’ve more women than men.. but I prefer cock

What do you think the sexiest fruit is?

A raspberry cos you can stick your tongue in it

What and who turns you on?

Strong men with very pretty cocks

What superstar would you have sex with?

Most I would of are dead now and that can’t be right, so it would Salma Hayeck

What’s your kinky fetish?

Leather and blades

Would you use objects in sex such as whips, hand cuffs, etc.?

Yes I have often with the right person, a good whipping relieves stress

Would you ever have sex in the ocean?

I have done and been filmed doing it ;-)

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the top of the pile, sex on a stick,this girl will have you cum in no time she is the best love you cindy mwaaa mwaaa


thanks darling my first time great


What a bitch..but a very hot one!


Are you Candy’s sister?????


Mwwahhh Cindy, please be around more often xxx