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Listen to my Sexy Voice:

Hi, I’m Cherry and 33 years old - I’m the new girl on the block. I’m an intelligent, educated young woman that loves sex and has an impressive amount of experience under my belt, though you wouldn’t tell from looking at me! I love chatting and finding out what you are all about and what gets you off, and I’m more than happy to use my experiences to tease and tantalise you. My sexual tastes are predominantly kinky (BDSM) and I especially love Dominant/submissive roleplay. I have a great collection of leather outfits to tease you with. I also enjoy normal conversation and lending a sympathetic ear for those that just need a human connection - I can adjust to your pace and I’m happy to go with the flow.

Cherry's Expertises are: Role Play, Cocksucking, Spanking

Questions and Answers...

Have you ever masturbated?

Often ! Who doesn't?

What’s your bra size?


Where was your first time?

Bedroom floor

Have you ever gotten sexual with anything that wasn’t a person and what?

A Carrot

Do you prefer doing it in the dark or in the light? fact anywhere

What’s your greatest fantasy?

I'll tell you mine, if you tell me yours!!

Would you suck on anyone’s toes?

I might, but I'd prefer mine sucked!

Where do you think would be the weirdest place to have sex?

Being watched in public

What and who turns you on?

Licking pre cum

What superstar would you have sex with?

Richard Gear and Oliver Reed

My Stuff...



je pense que je t'aime


Thanks xxxxxxx


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